ESH Scientific Newsletters are aimed at providing updated views on novel or controversial issues and/or specific topics with major clinical and therapeutic relevance.

They may be commissioned by the ESH Council or proposed by tentative authors ( They are usually written by one to three contributors. The word count of these Scientific Newsletter articles should be below 2500 words, including a maximum of 10 references. ESH Scientific Newsletters should not be summaries of already published or in press ESH position papers or statements.

They undergo a review process by the same Committee taking care of ESH position papers and statements. Particular attention should be paid at trying to include information which reflects the Society’s position and not merely the Authors’ opinion.

The main scope of ESH Scientific Newsletters is information for the readers rather than full-fledged practical recommendations, however some practical suggestions in the conclusions section of the Scientific Newsletter are certainly welcome.


Issue: 20
Newsletter No.: 73
Authors: Agusto Vicario, Antonio Coca, Dariusz Gasecki, Augusto Zaninelli, Dragan Lovic, Efstathios Manios, Dagmara Hering, Cristina Sierra, Pedro Cunha on behalf of the ESH WG on Hypertension and Brain