Awards Given at ESH Meetings

The European Society of Hypertension confers the following awards each year at their annual meeting.

Björn Folkow Award and Lecture
Established by the ESH with the generous collaboration of AstraZeneca in 1989, it continues to be awarded to a person or persons who have carried out original research in physiology that has contributed to our understanding of the pathogenesis of hypertension.

– 1989: J. Conway (Oxford, UK)
– 1991: M.A.D.H. Schalekamp (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
– 1993: M.J. Mulvany (Aarhus, Denmark)
– 1995: P.I. Korner (Woolwich, Australia)
– 1997: G. Mancia (Milan, Italy)
– 1999: T. Unger (Berlin, Germany)
– 2000: M. O’Rourke (Darlinghurst, Australia)
– 2001: T.F. Lüscher (Zurich, Switzerland)
– 2003: F.C. Luft (Berlin, Germany)
– 2004: R. Fagard (Leuven, Belgium)
– 2005: H. Haller (Hannover, Germany)
– 2006: A.M. Heagerty (Manchester, UK)
– 2007: C.E. Morgensen (Aarhus, Denmark)
– 2008: A.F. Dominiczak (Glasgow, UK)
– 2009: G. Grassi (Milan, Italy)
– 2010: E. Schiffrin (Montreal, Canada)
– 2011: P.M. de Leeuw (Maastricht, The Netherlands)
– 2012: M.D. Esler (Melbourne, Australia)
– 2013: S. Laurent (Paris, France)
– 2014: G.L. Jennings (Melbourne, Australia)
– 2015: G. Parati (Milan, Italy)
– 2016: M.J. Caulfield (London, UK)
– 2017: X. Jeunemaitre (Paris, France)
– 2018: D.N. Müller (Berlin, Germany)
– 2019: J. Redon (Valencia, Spain)
– 2021: M. Schlaich (Perth, Australia)

Alberto Zanchetti Life Achievement Award
Established by the ESH in 1995, the Alberto Zanchetti Life Achievement Award is conferred to a scientist with a life-long high quality scientific research in the field of hypertension.

– 1995: Y.V. Postnov (Moscow, Russia)
– 1997: H.R. Brunner (Lausanne, Switzerland)
– 1999: M. Safar (Paris, France)
– 2001: P.A. van Zwieten (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
– 2003: A.F. Lever (Glasgow, UK)
– 2004: W.H. Birkenhager (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
– 2005: P. Sleight (Oxford, UK)
– 2006: E. Ritz (Germany)
– 2007: K.H. Rahn (Münster, Germany)
– 2008: J. Chalmers (Sydney, Australia)
– 2009: P. Corvol (Paris, France)
– 2010: S. Julius (Ann Arbor, USA)
– 2011: A.L. Mark (Iowa City, USA)
– 2012: R.H. Fagard (Leuven, Belgium)
– 2013: W. Januszewicz (Warsaw, Poland)
– 2014: E. Ritz (Heidelberg, Germany)
– 2015: F.H. Messerli (New York, USA)
– 2016: J. Menard (Paris, France)
– 2018: S.E. Kjeldsen (Oslo, Norway)
– 2019: G. Mancia (Milan, Italy)
– 2021: P. Palatini (Padova, Italy)

ESH Honorary Membership
Established by the ESH in 2001, honorary membership is granted to a scientist who has made extraordinary contributions to research in hypertension or who has given exceptionally important support to the activities of the Society.

– 2001: P. Sleight (Oxford, UK)
– 2005: S. Julius (Ann Arbor, USA), B.N.C. Prichard (London, UK)
– 2006: A. Zanchetti (Milan, Italy)
– 2007: P. Lund-Johansen (Bergen, Norway), J. Widimský Sr. (Prague, Czech Republic)
– 2008: L. Lisheng (Beijing, China)
– 2009: J.L. Rodicio (Madrid, Spain), P. van Zwieten (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
– 2010: D. Ganten (Berlin, Germany)
– 2011: D.L. Clement (Gent, Belgium)
– 2012: G. Mancia (Monza, Italy)
– 2013: T. Fujita (Tokyo, Japan)
– 2014: C. Farsang (Budapest, Hungary)
– 2016: J. Redon (Valencia, Spain)
– 2018: P. López-Jaramillo (Bucaramanga, Colombia)
– 2019: R. Cífková (Prague, Czech Republic)
– 2021: P.K. Whelton (New Orleans, USA)

Paul Milliez Award
The ESH Annual Meeting offers a special opportunity to attribute the award to a French scientist acknowledged for his accomplishments in the field of hypertension.

– 2004: M. Safar (Paris, France)
– 2005: J. Ménard (Paris, France)
– 2006: P. Corvol (Paris, France)
– 2007: A. Mimran (Montpellier, France)
– 2008: B.I. Levy (Paris, France)
– 2009: J-M. Mallion (Grenoble, France)
– 2010: G. London (Fleury-Mérogis, France)
– 2011: P.F. Plouin (Paris, France)
– 2012: S. Laurent (Paris, France)
– 2013: J.L. Elghozi (Paris, France)
– 2014: F. Zannad (Nancy, France)
– 2017: M. Azizi (Paris, France)
– 2018: M. Beaufils (Paris, France)
– 2019: B. Chamontin (Toulouse, France)

Servier Research Grant in Hypertension
This initiative follows the Servier SNS Research Award and is awarded every 2 years for a research proposal in the field of hypertension and related diseases with a focus on end-organ damage, surrogate markers and biomarkers.

– 2011: K.E. Kotliar (Munich, Germany)
– 2013: S. Masi (London, U.K.)
– 2015: S. Foulquier (Maastricht, The Netherlands)
– 2017: D. Hering (Gdansk, Poland)
– 2019: M. Tadic (Berlin, Germany)
– 2021: R. Boulestreau (Bordeaux, France)

Peter A. van Zwieten Award
This award is dedicated to the late Prof. Peter A. van Zwieten in recognition of his exceptionally important support to the activities of the Society. This award is given to a scientist with accomplishments in the field of cardiovascular pharmacology.

– 2011: M. Azizi (Paris, France)
– 2013: M. Burnier (Lausanne, Switzerland)
– 2015: A.H.J. Danser (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
– 2017: T. Unger (Maastricht, The Netherlands)
– 2019: M. Fernández-Alfonso (Madrid, Spain)
– 2021: M. Volpe (Rome, Italy)

Talal Zein Award
The Talal Zein Foundation has established the Talal Zein Award to be presented annually to a distinguished scientist originating from a Mediterranean country in recognition of their outstanding work related to the basic science, epidemiology, pathophysiology or therapy of hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases.

– 2011: E. Lurbe (Valencia, Spain)
– 2012: G. Bakris (Chicago, USA)
– 2014: A. Manolis (Athens, Greece)
– 2017: G. Grassi (Milan, Italy)
– 2018: C. Thomopoulos (Athens, Greece)
– 2019: C. Borghi (Bologna, Italy)
– 2021: Best Oral Presentations – P. Palatini (Padova, Italy), J.J Mourad 
             (Paris, France), Z. Zhang (Leuven, Belgium)       
             Best Poster Presentations – R. Alves-Lopes (Glasgow, UK),
          E. Rodilla (Valencia, Spain), S. Toupance (Nancy, France)

AIM Research Award in the name of Professor Alberto Zanchetti
– 2019: A. Kasiakogias (Athens, Greece), T. Knežević (Zagreb, Croatia)


Professor Giuseppe Mancia receives the Excellence Research Award of the Council on Hypertension of the AHA

ESH congratulates Prof. Giuseppe Mancia (Italy) who is the recipient of the 2020 Excellence esearch Award of the Council on Hypertension of the American Heart Association (AHA).

The award was delivered to Professor Mancia on September 11 during the Award Session of the Virtual Hypertension Scientific Sessions 2020 of the Council on Hypertension of the AHA.

Professor Mancia presented his award lecture on “White coat hypertension: pathophysiological and clinical aspects”.

Congratulations Professor Mancia on this prestigious award.

Reinhold Kreutz
ESH President