ESH Hypertension Specialists are physicians who have long-time experience, multidisciplinary knowledge and expert skills to effectively deal with complex and difficult cases of clinical hypertension and related disorders.


ESH requires that all Hypertension Specialists should be Members of the European Society of Hypertension in good standing.

Previously certified Specialists who are not ESH members, in order to undergo re-accreditation and to maintain their status, must apply for membership.

New candidates must apply for and be granted ESH membership before submitting the Specialist application.

If you are not currently a member of the ESH, the new ESH Online portal provides a simple online form. Simply click the Join Now link at the top of the home page and follow the registration instructions.

Eligibility Criteria

To be recognized as a Hypertension Specialist of the ESH, an applicant must meet the following criteria:

  1. Clinical experience in hypertension (not less than 10 years) with particular reference to referral of patients with difficult hypertension.
  2. Training in a medical speciality germane to hypertension (Internal Medicine, Nephrology, Cardiology, Endocrinology, Primary care, etc.)
  3. A certain degree of scientific activity (e.g. publications on clinical hypertension, participation in clinical trials, etc.)
  4. Continuing interest and updating in hypertension as shown by participation in scientific meetings and membership in hypertension related scientific societies.
  5. Recognition by peers at national levels.
  6. All Specialists must be ESH Members in good standing.

Certification Process

A Cooperative Effort between ESH and National Hypertension Societies

The Certification Process (online)

  1. Each applicant should obtain a written endorsement from his/her National Hypertension Society, or in special circumstances, directly from the ESH. This endorsement (as a PDF) must be uploaded as part of the online application process.
  2. The online application is reviewed by the Steering Committee for European Hypertension Specialists of the ESH. The Committee makes the final decision on the nomination.
  3. Nominees will be notified and are required to pay a single fee of 50 Euro to ESH.

Instructions for payment:

Beneficiary: European Society of Hypertension
Bank address: UBS AG, 8098 Zürich
Account #: 243 – G0503980.2
IBAN #: CH14 0023 0230 2284 3762 M
Please indicate: ESH Hypertension Specialist fee

Nominations will be reported in the Journal of Hypertension, Blood Pressure, ISH Hypertension News and listed in the ESH online Hypertension Specialists Directory.

NOTE: Hypertension Specialist Diploma’s will only be provided electronically (by e-mail) in PDF format. If requested in advance, a printed copy of the diploma can be picked up at the ESH stand during the ESH Annual Meeting.

Re-accreditation Process

The re-accreditation process aims to strengthen the ESH Specialist qualifications and stimulate participation in all ESH activities. The re-accreditation process shall be performed every four years and all members in good standing and who have been a Hypertension Specialist for 5 (five) or more years should apply for re-accreditation.

Re-accreditation should be made using the online re-accreditation form from May 15th through September 30th 2022.  The Hypertension Specialist Directory will be updated regularly.

EHS ® – indicates Hypertension Specialists who have been re-accredited.

Please note

a) All Specialists must be Members. Specialists without ESH membership in good standing will immediately be eliminated from the list of ESH Specialists.

b) It is recommended all Specialists apply for re-accreditation.

c) Hypertension Specialists applying for re-accreditation must fulfill at least two (2) of the following criteria in a 3-year period and be in good standing with membership dues. Please complete and upload any certification or document you may have to support these criteria:

  • Participation in ESH Annual Meetings
  • Participation in Distance Learning Activities
  • Abstracts accepted at ESH Annual Meetings
  • ESH membership dues are in good standing