Working groups are represented on the ESH Council by Prof. Alexandre Persu (

Aims and General Rules


  • New Working Groups (WGs) can be proposed to the ESH Council by experts on the basis of a clear scientific background.
  • New WGs should have at least 10 founding members, from different countries.
  • WGs are not permanent, they may be discontinued or merged with other WGs based on recommendations by the ESH Council.
  • The WGs are represented in the ESH Council by a Coordinator in quality of Executive Officer of the ESH Council.


  • Contribution and active participation to Annual ESH Meetings (see below)
  • Initiation and execution of research projects
  • Publication of scientific articles, reviews and position papers/ consensus documents (see website: Publications> Guidelines for ESH Position Papers)
  • Identification, recruitment and support for young investigators (including Alumni from ESH Summer Schools)
  • Availability to advise the ESH Council



  • All members of a WG have to be ESH members.
  • Request for membership in the WG should be sent to the Chairman of the WG.

Yearly report

  • The WGs should provide a short written yearly report to the WG Coordinator, giving information on their activities, filled in the available template.
  • This report is sent to the WG members and uploaded on the ESH website

Chairman and Vice-Chairman

  • Each WG has a Chairman and Vice-Chairman.
  • After 2 years, the Vice-Chairman becomes Chairman and a new Vice-Chairman is elected.
  • Therefore, after 4 years the team Chairman-Vice Chairman will be changed.
  • To be eligible, candidates to the position of Vice-Chairman need to be members of the WG since at least one year (with the exception of newly founded WGs).
  • The Council encourages election of the Vice-chairman by online anonymous voting that will be organized by the ESH Office.
  • Alternatively, the election may take place during the annual ESH meeting, provided that a majority of WG members are present.
  • The names of the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman are indicated on the website with their year of appointment

Contribution to the annual ESH meetings

  • WGs are encouraged to contribute to the organisation of the annual ESH Meetings.
  • Each WG organizes a scientific session or practical/hands-on workshop for the Annual ESH Meeting, either alone or in collaboration with other WGs, which is encouraged
  • According to topics, expected attendance and available slots, 2 or more WGs  may interact to organize this scientific session/workshop
  • Also during the Annual ESH Meeting, each WG organises a meeting to discuss the current and future activities of the group (“business meeting”).


  • The WGs are allowed to develop more detailed statutes (e.g. electing a Secretary) and to make them available on the website, provided they are in line with the rules mentioned above.