Journal of Hypertension

The Journal of Hypertension is the Official Journal of the European Society of Hypertension and International Society of Hypertension. The journal consistently attracts the most important and highly innovative papers from the current research; our commitment to rapid publication ensures that these are published in the fastest time possible. In addition to primary papers from world-renowned experts, the Journal contains authoritative reviews that summarize and evaluate the most significant recent developments. Also included are special reports, original short papers containing innovative and time-sensitive information.

New Editor-in-Chief, New Impact Factor

Giuseppe Mancia, has been appointed Editor in Chief of the Journal of Hypertension for a period of three years. The Journal of Hypertension is the official journal of the European Society of Hypertension and International Society of Hypertension with a slightly increased new Impact Factor of 4.092.

Prof. Mancia, who has served for many years on the journal’s Editorial Board, succeeds Alberto Zanchetti with whom he collaborated closely. Alberto Zanchetti was Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Hypertension from 1995 until his death in March this year. He invested enormous time and effort in the Journal, encouraging its growth and quality and his contribution was instrumental to its success.

Giuseppe Mancia is Professor Emeritus at the University Milano-Bicocca. He has been Chairman of the Scientific and Organizing Committee of European Society of Hypertension meetings, and past President of European Society of Hypertension, International Society of Hypertension, European Society of Clinical Investigation and Italian Society of Hypertension. Prof. Mancia has chaired the Task Force of the ESH/ESC Hypertension Guidelines in 2003, 2007, 2013 and the upcoming new 2018 Guidelines.

Prof. Mancia has published more than 2400 original papers in peer-reviewed Journals and has edited or authored more than 20 books on hypertension, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. Prof. Mancia is listed among the “highly cited” researchers of ISI (Philadelphia). His publications have received 177.000 citations with a H-index of 159.

Congratulations to the new Editor and we look forward to the continuing success and development of the Journal under his editorship.

Blood Pressure

For the latest advances in hypertension research, turn to Blood Pressure, a primary source for authoritative and timely information on all aspects of hypertension research and management. Features include:

  • Physiology and pathophysiology of blood pressure regulation
  • Primary and secondary hypertension
  • Cerebrovascular and cardiovascular complications
  • Detection, treatment and follow-up of hypertension
  • Non-pharmacological and pharmacological management
  • Large outcome trials in hypertension

Special features include the Personal View section, in which distinguished scientists present their thoughts on hypertension, Viewpoints, Debates, and Reviews that address important topics of great current interest. A special meetings calendar, the Blood Pressure Diary, as well as a section in which Hypertension Societies world-wide present their activities are also provided. Articles requiring extensive space, such as monographs, doctoral theses and congress transactions, are published as supplements.

Hypertension Articles

We are pleased to provide you with information about free articles and the table of contents of Hypertension.

Hypertension publishes scientific investigation of the highest quality in the broadfield of blood pressure regulation and pathophysiology, clinical treatment, and prevention of hypertension.

Free Access to Hypertension Articles for ESH Members!

The free articles listed below are available in the May 2018 issue of Hypertension:

  • Blood Pressure Varies with Sodium and Energy Intake

    Maureen A. Murtaugh et al.

  • Intensive Blood Pressure Lowering in the SPRINT Trial: How Low Is Too Low?

    Nadia A. Khan et al.

The free articles listed below are available in the April 2018 issue of Hypertension:

  • Interstitial Fluid and Lymph in Hyperosmolal Skin

    Elham Nikpey et al.

  • Hypertension in Pregnancy and Cardiovascular Risk

    Ingvild V. Alsnes

The free articles listed below are available in the March 2018 issue of Hypertension:

  • Risk Assessment for Blood Pressure Management

    Kunal N. Karmali & Donald M. Lloyd-Jones

  • LCZ696 vs Olmesartan in Hypertension

    Bryan Williams et al.

The free articles listed below are available in the February 2018 issue of Hypertension:

  • Aging and Adrenal Aldosterone Physiology

    Kazutaka Nanba et al.

  • Metabolic Predictors of Vascular Change

    Justin P. Zachariah et al.

The free articles listed below are available in the January 2018 issue of Hypertension:

  • Building on a Legacy of Hypertension Research

    George A. Mensah et al.

  • Notch 3: A New Player in Cerebral Artery Structure

    Celine Baron-Menguy et al.

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