Membership is being updated – more information will be available in July.

Join a network of over 2300 hypertension professionals dedicated to scientific research and knowledge and to improving hypertension prevention, treatment and control.

Membership in the European Society of Hypertension is open to physicians who are scientifically active in hypertension research.

Criteria for ESH Membership

  • The criteria required for ESH membership has been simplified. Letters of endorsement are no longer required.
  • Applicants are requested to provide in English a short CV (listing academic degrees and professional positions) including a bibliography of publications.
  • Individuals should apply for membership of the European Society of Hypertension (ESH) by completing the online membership application form.
  • Applications are reviewed every 4-6 weeks and applicants will be notified by email of the ESH Committee’s decision. Nominations are officially confirmed during the ESH Annual Meeting.

Please click here to complete the new online application form.

Membership Categories and Fees

For any queries please contact:

Benefits of Full Membership

  • Eligibility to apply for ESH Hypertension Specialist status
  • Eligibility to serve in a leadership capacity in an ESH Excellence Center
  • Reduced Member registration fee for the ESH Annual Meeting
  • Listing in the online Membership Directory on the ESH website
  • Online Subscription to the Journal of Hypertension
  • Access to all material on the ESH website including the eLearning Programme, Teaching Seminars, Satellite Symposia, Highlights from the ESH Annual Meeting and downloads of ESH newsletters, selected ESH initiated books, guidelines and position statements.
  • Eligibility to actively participate in topic suggestions for the ESH Annual Meeting
  • Eligibility to participate in ESH related tasks:
    1. Chairing poster/oral sessions at ESH Annual Meetings
    2. Participation in local ESH initiated/endorsed meetings/courses
    3. Participation in ESH working groups
    4. Participation in ESH surveys
    5. Participation in ESH research projects
  • ESH Affiliated & Associated Members are granted partial access to material on the ESH website including downloads of ESH newsletters, selected ESH guidelines and position statements.