Hypertension Related Meetings

Congresses and other events relevant to the study or practice of hypertension are presented here. These meetings are not necessarily sponsored or endorsed by the European Society of Hypertension. For information on meeting endorsement, please see the Criteria for ESH Endorsement of Meetings.

Upcoming Events 2020


March 20-21, 2020 – Benaki Museum Amphitheater, Athens (Greece)

PRE FINAL Programme

The 7th International Conference on PreHypertension, Hypertension, Metabolic Disorders and Cardiovascular Disease

April 2-5, 2020 – Vilnius, Lithuania

Prehypertension is a part of the continuum from normotension to hypertension it is a part of a dynamic process of stiffening and aging of the arteries and of the heart with its consequences. Patients in the prehypertensive range will become finally hypertensive. Diseased arteries will not only participate in propagation of end organ damage but will enhance the progression of additional damage in the arteries and the heart. Understanding the risk of borderline conditions in the metabolic syndrome will enable us to understand the nature of end organ damage and will create a possibility of better prevention of this continuous process.

2020 Meeting of the Working Group on Obesity, Diabetes and the High Risk Patient

April 30-May 3, 2020 – Chalkidiki, Greece

The 2020 Meeting of the Working Group on Obesity, Diabetes and the High Risk Patient of the European Society of Hypertension in Chalkidiki, Greece, organized by the European Society of Hypertension Working Group on Obesity, Diabetes and the High Risk Patient.


General Information

88th EAS Congress 

May 31-June 3, 2020 – Geneva, Switzerland

One of the features of EAS Congress is the high-level interdisciplinary exchange between clinicians and basic researchers. With many world-leading experts already confirmed, the EAS 2020 Geneva scientific programme will offer a bench-to-bedside overview of the latest current research in the field – including the award-winning Anitschkow Lecture, outstanding Keynote Lectures, state-of-the-art Plenary Sessions, and focused Workshops and Advance Clinical Seminars. We firmly believe that the personal meeting – presenting and discussing one’s work with others and sparking ideas from others’ work – is the key to progress in science.