ESH Fellowships
Research Fellowship for research and training in hypertension related fields.

– 2009: Q. Wang (Lausanne, Switerzerland)
– 2010: C. FernandezF.M. Garcia
– 2011: P. San-Crostobal

Alberto Ferrari Poster Award
This award is dedicated to the late Prof. Alberto Ferrari in recognition of his great contribution to the organization of the ESH annual meetings in Milan. Each day of the annual meeting, the ten (10) best posters will be awarded.

Lennart Hansson Memorial Lecture
Established by the ESH in 2003, this award is conferred to a scientist who has obtained important results in the field of clinical hypertension and trials.

– 2003: S. Julius (Ann Arbor, MI, USA)
– 2005: P. Omvik (Bergen, Norway)
– 2006: D. De Zeeuw (The Netherlands)
– 2007: D.L. Clement (Gent, Belgium)
– 2008: S.E. Kjeldsen (Oslo, Norway)
– 2009: B. Waeber (Lausanne-Fribourg, Switzerland)
– 2010: T. Hedner (Göteborg, Sweden)
– 2011: L.M. Ruilope (Madrid, Spain)
– 2012: N.R. Poulter (London, United Kingdom)
– 2015: K. Narkiewicz (Gdansk, Poland
– 2016: R.E. Schmieder (Erlangen, Germany)

Renin Academy Award (this award is no longer available)
Established in 2007 this award is no longer available. The award was presented to a young investigator who had published an important paper on RAS in the previous year.- 

– 2007: D. Müller (Berlin, Germany)
– 2008: W. Batenburg (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)

Servier SNS Research Award of ESH
Awarded from 2003 through 2007. This award was given bi-annually to an investigator presenting a high quality research project on the role of the sympathetic nervous system in cardiovascular disease. The selection was made by a committee appointed by ESH.

– 2003: M. Schlaich (Erlangen, Germany)
– 2005: K. Narkiewicz (Gdansk, Poland)
– 2007: G. Seravalle (Milan, Italy)

Peter Sleight Award
Established in 2008 with a research grant made available by Boehringer Ingelheim, this award is conferred to a young investigator who has made an outstanding contribution to research, education, and leadership in the fields of hypertension and cardio-vascular protection. One important award criterion will be the number of citations within the last 12 months.

– 2009: R. Cífková (Prague, Czech Republic)
– 2010: O. Melander (Malmö, Sweden), George Stergiou (Athens, Greece)
– 2011: E. Agabiti Rosei (Brescia, Italy)
– 2012: J. Diez (Pamplona, Spain)
– 2013: J. Jordan (Hannover, Germany)
– 2014: B. Williams (London, United Kingdom)

Jiří Widimský Sr. Award
This award is granted by the Czech Foundation for Hypertension Research to young candidates (no older than 40 years) based on the evaluation of their abstracts submitted to the ESH Annual Meeting. The selection of the awardees is made by the Widimsky Award Committee.

– 2004: D. Hering (Poland), T. Kuznetsova (Belgium), M. Tomaszewski (United Kingdom)
– 2005: J. Kucerova (Belgium), K. Stolarz (Belgium), B. Strauch (Czech Republic)
– 2006: O. Mayer Jr (Czech Republic), L. Paulis (Slovak Republic), G. Bilo (Poland)
– 2007: K. Styczkiewicz (Milan, Italy and Cracow, Poland), M. Mráz (Košice, Slovak Republic), Z. Dika (Zagreb, Croatia)
– 2008: P. Sarafidis (Greece), P. Jankowski (Poland), Katia Bürgi (Brazil), M.A. Lopez Verrilli (Argentina)
– 2009: I. Pecin (Croatia), J. Wolf (Poland), O. Petrák (Czech Republic)
– 2010: D. Celovska (Slovak Republic), J. Rosa (Czech Republic), M. Adamczak (Poland)
– 2011: Z. Somloova (Czech Republic), A. Rojek (Poland), P. Studinger (Hungary)
– 2012: L. Szczepaniak-Chichel (Poland), P.A. van Zwieten (The Netherlands), A. Krajčoviechová (Czech Republic)