ESH Summer School 2019 in Vravrona, Greece, was a great success!

We are very pleased to announce that our recent ESH 2019 Summer School with 65 participants in Vravrona (Greece) held from September 15 to 19, was a great success.

Once again, the ESH Summer School reached its main goal to be a networking, educative and innovative experience. Insightful presentations, interactive discussions and clinical take-home messages for the young participants was a must. Towards this end, the ESH School covered key aspects of pathophysiology and management of hypertension from basic science to clinical practice in an educative environment pursuing medical excellence. This year, the Summer School program had two innovative changes that were very much appreciated by the students.

First, a 60-MCQ test on the last day to ensure a transparent selection of the 3 ‘’ ESH 2019 Summer School Award Winners”  sponsored by SERVIER to participate in 2020 ESH-ISH meeting.

The 3 winners with the highest score (one per each European region) are the following :

  • Imprialos Konstantinos, Greece (Score 54/60)
  • Buffolo Fabrizio, Italy (Score 52/60)
  • Drożdż Tomasz Maciej, Poland (Score51/60)

The second innovative change was the “Alumni networking” including social media links at #ESHalumni, introduced by Reinhold Kreutz.

Finally, our Tuesday trip to the picturesque area of Cape Sunio with its spectacular sunset was a special treat for everyone.

We hope that the main concept of the ESH Summer School -to foster the new generation of hypertension experts- was achieved and of course everybody had a nice time enjoying the company and the marvelous sights of Attica, the land of myths.

Course Directors
Costas Tsioufis – Renata Cifkova