ESH Summer School

The ESH Summer Schools aim to create a hypertension network among young European and non-European fellows who are the next generation of hypertension clinicians. The 2016 Summer School was held in Desenzano del Garda on Lake Garda, northern Italy from 3-6 September, and was attended by 61 young fellows from 32 countries around the world.   Welcome to the ESH 2016… Read more »

Al-Qadissiyah University Event, Iraq

The Al-Qadissiyah University Event was a 3 day educational course for a selected audience from the faculty of medicine at the Al-Qadissiyah University, Iraq. The course was organized by Dr. Mutaz Alkhnifsawi, Assistant lecturer of cardiology at the Al-Qadissiyah University. The aim of the course was to raise public awareness on hypertension (from definition to prevention, healthy life style) and was based on… Read more »

2019 Summer School

ESH Summer School 2019 in Vravrona, Greece, was a great success! We are very pleased to announce that our recent ESH 2019 Summer School with 65 participants in Vravrona (Greece) held from September 15 to 19, was a great success. Once again, the ESH Summer School reached its main goal to be a networking, educative and innovative experience. Insightful presentations, interactive… Read more »

2019 Summer School – Presentations

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Teaching Activities

From 2002 nominations will also be based on credits obtained through participation in scientific meetings and teaching courses endorsed by ESH. Scientific Meetings Yearly meetings of ESH: 3 credits International meetings endorsed by ESH: 2 credits Meetings of National Hypertension Societies: 1 credit Teaching Courses ESH Summer School (7 days): 3 credits Teaching Courses organised by National Hypertension Societies (miniman duration… Read more »

Summer Schools

After two challenging years with the COVID-19 pandemic, the European Society of Hypertension is pleased to inform you the Summer School will be held again in 2022 from 18-23 September 2022 in Arandjelovac, Serbia. The Summer School will be held at the Hotel Izvor in Arandjelovac, approx. 90 km from Belgrade airport. The ESH Summer School brings together a truly international faculty,… Read more »

Scientific Council

ESH COUNCIL 2022-2023 G. Grassi (Italy) President E. Lurbe (Spain) Vice-President A. Januszewicz (Poland) Secretary J. Polonia (Portugal) Treasurer T. Weber (Austria) Officer-at-large Coordinator, ESH Excellence Centres Programme R. Kreutz (Germany) Immediate Past President ESH Program Coordinator Mandy Elgner ESH Secretariat Contact Robyn Lynch Members Executive Officers C. Delles (U.K.) E. Agabiti Rosei (Italy) Representative for Far East Relations M. Doumas (Greece) C. Borghi… Read more »

Working Groups

Working groups are represented on the ESH Council by Prof. Alexandre Persu ( Aims and General Rules GENERAL PRINCIPLES New Working Groups (WGs) can be proposed to the ESH Council by experts on the basis of a clear scientific background. New WGs should have at least 10 founding members, from different countries. WGs are not permanent, they may be discontinued… Read more »

CHL Summer School

02nd European Society of Hypertesion and Chinese Hypertension LeagueSummer School Shangai, China / June 5-6 /2019   

National Societies

ESH membership has increased over the years and the ESH Council has created a network of  activities including congresses, endorsed congresses and related meetings, educational activities including Summer Schools and Advanced Courses to enable closer collaboration with the National Hypertension Societies. The relationship between ESH and the National Hypertension Societies has thus, in duel interest, developed positively over the years… Read more »