2024 European Society of Hypertension clinical practice guidelines for the management of arterial hypertensionEndorsed by the European Federation of Internal Medicine (EFIM), European Renal Association (ERA), and International Society of Hypertension (ISH)

The European Society of Hypertension (ESH) reported in 2023 its current Guidelines for the management of arterial hypertension. Following their aim to summarize the best available evidence for all aspects of hypertension management, the Task Force of the 2023 Guidelines generated a comprehensive document.

The ESH 2024 Clinical Practice Guidelines provide a novel concise format that supports the dissemination of the most important information of the Guidelines for the management of the general hypertensive population and its implementation into clinical practice. To this end, the ESH developed a MASTERplan for the management of hypertension.

The 2024 Clinical Practice Guidelines are online and available here