Friday, 18th June – Today marked the beginning of the 20th European Meeting on Hypertension. ESH President Prof. Krzysztof Narkiewicz and ESH Chairman Prof. Sverre E. Kjeldsen welcomed more than 4500 international delegates at the opening ceremony in the charming city of Oslo, Norway.

Approximately 1 billion people worldwide (1 out of every 4 adults) have hypertension, and this number is expected to increase to 1.56 billion people by the year 2025 (Frost and Sullivan. Lancet 2005).  Prolonged uncontrolled or inadequate treatment of hypertension is a major risk factor for the occurrence of heart attack, stroke, kidney failure and other cardiovascular diseases.  The prevention of hypertension-related complications is the primary focus of the ESH and ESH educational meetings provide information on latest medical advances to assist physicians in delivering better and more effective methods of hypertension management to their patients.

The scope and quality of the lectures, poster sessions, and satellite symposia to be presented in the coming few days continue to make the ESH annual meeting an exciting and innovative forum where advances in research can be translated into practical applications for the clinician. This year’s meeting will bring together important updates in new research, diagnostics, and best practice guidelines.  Key topics range from atherosclerosis to transplantation – cover a wide spectrum of challenging scenarios for the hypertension specialist.  Presenters will also highlight the important correlation between hypertension and comorbidities in cardiology and diabetes.

Be sure to check back often at the ESH web portal for continual updates on the top sessions being presented in Oslo.  Here you will find in-depth clinical articles, interviews with key faculty, and video webcasts of key plenary sessions.  New this year, an enduring reference of the most important clinical advances will be realized through an official partnership with MD Conference Express® – the first peer-reviewed conference highlights report.  This publication will be posted several weeks after the congress, as more than 35 world experts will thoroughly peer-review the content, ensuring a sound academic presentation for your clinical use.

We hope that you will find the articles and practical perspectives to be posted on the ESH web portal over the next several days to be useful in your clinical practice, and invite you to check back often to stay abreast of the latest findings from the 20th European Meeting on Hypertension.