June 13, 2006, Madrid, Spain – Today the European Society of Hypertension announced its formal recognition of the newly formed Renin Academy, which is dedicated to developing educational initiatives and strengthening scientific research related to the optimization of the suppression of the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone-system (RAAS).

Leading researchers of therapies that inhibit RAAS from around the world formed the Renin Academy. “The Renin Academy provides a strong international platform for advancing research of the renin system and its impact on high blood pressure,” stated Luis Ruilope, MD, of the European Society of Hypertension. “The Academy’s goals are closely aligned with our own aim of advancing scientific research and medical education to improve the treatment of hypertension. We recognize and support the Academy’s efforts to expand awareness and understanding of one of the most promising areas of hypertension research.”

“Recent discoveries in renin system inhibition will be at the frontline of hypertension for years to come. We are confident that our initiatives to advance the understanding the benefits of renin system inhibition will help enable health care professionals to better mange their patients’ high blood pressure,” said Norman K. Hollenberg, MD, chairman of the Renin Academy Steering Committee and professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School in Cambridge, Massachusetts.