The ESH 2012 scientific program continued the tradition of many previous ESH meetings. This means that a major portion of the program was concentrated on original research with oral and poster presentations.

The 2012 ESH meeting also contained a broad range of clinical and experimental research papers presented in numerous state-of-the-art lectures, Plenary Sessions, Debates, How-To and other Teaching Sessions, Breakfast Workshops, Integrated Sessions for ESH Working Groups and Satellite Symposia.

Coverage of the most important scientific knowledge presented at the congress is available here.

Interviews – short in-depth interiews with key members of the hypertension world.

Meeting Highlights – daily coverage from the largest annual research and clinical meeting on hypertension and cardiovascular protection is available.

Teaching Sessions webcasts from these excellent educational sessions.

Webcasts – coverage of the Satellite Symposia presented during ESH 2012.



The ESH Scientific Committee would like to thank all the authors and reviewers for the exceptional contribution to the scientific programme.


“Alberto Ferrari” POSTER AWARDS

Each day, the 10 best posters were awarded €500 each. The winners were awarded during the final Plenary Session. The awards are dedicated to the late prof. Alberto Ferrari in recognition of his great contribution to the organization of the ESH meetings in Milan.

April 27, 2012

Poster nr 4 – A. Ishida

Poster nr 27 – I. Alonso

Poster nr 128 – V. Kapil

Poster nr 161 – L. Szczepaniak-Chichil

Poster nr 296 – F. Galletti

Poster nr 319 – G. Schillaci

Poster nr 345 – K. Paunovic

Poster nr 372 – I. Oudman

Poster nr 391 – A. Maceira

Poster nr 400 – S. Efstathiou


April 28, 2012

Poster nr 10 – S. Kostic

Poster nr 59 – E. Miszkowska

Poster nr 78 – A. Gupta

Poster nr 116 – J. Ochoa

Poster nr 173 – A. Montezano

Poster nr 201 – A. Brennan

Poster nr 361 – P. Cunha

Poster nr 428 – P. Skoglund

Poster nr 433 – B. Nikolaidou

Poster nr 468 – I. Andrikou


April 29, 2012

Poster nr 1 – C. Hermenegildo

Poster nr 54 – J. Teleska

Poster nr 82 – K. Okamura

Poster nr 192 – M. Valentini

Poster nr 217 – V. Mazev

Poster nr 264 – P. Delva