The ESH Working Group on Vascular Function and Structure ( is open to clinicians, researchers and professionals with an interest in vascular structure and function.

Our WG organises seminars and workshops during the ESH meeting, as well as other activities during the year. In the upcoming years, we will participate in the activities of the European COST Action VascAgeNet, a European Network for Research in Vascular Ageing (

VascAgeNet, recently funded in the framework of the Horizon2020 program, was initiated by 77 proposers from 25 European countries and two international partners (USA and Australia), including many members of the WG. The network aims to refine, harmonise, and promote the use of vascular ageing biomarkers, in order to improve clinical practice and to reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease globally. The kick-off meeting took place in Brussels on 5 November 2019 ( In particular, our WG will collaborate with VascAgeNet on a reappraisal of the current consensus document on validation of devices for the measurement of arterial stiffness.

Our WG welcomes new members with an interest in vascular structure and function. Applicants should have:

  1. A degree in medicine, biomedical science, or any related field — we aim for a multidisciplinary membership.
  2. A willingness to actively participate in working group activities.

New members can be from all continents — i.e., from in- or outside Europe.
Membership applications can be directed to the secretary (