The 27th Meeting on Hypertension and Cardiovascular Protection in Milan that has just closed was indeed an especially successful meeting in terms of attendance, quality of scientific program and organization. We experienced full rooms, interactive sessions and great debates on various aspects of hypertensive disease. Indeed, the meeting was a scaffold for the interchange of knowledge, research and innovation on hypertension and related cardiovascular diseases. Given that almost 50% of hypertensive patients remain uncontrolled in Europe and worldwide, the key is to use new tools and methodologies to recognize high BP, stratify overall risk and provide the best available therapies. Improving our performance in achieving BP targets and decreasing the burden of cardiovascular disease is not an easy task and can only be accomplished by novel diagnostic and therapeutic solutions.

I feel the need to declare that it is a great honour to be elected as President of the ESH, this historical Society of scientific excellence that was built on the dreams of the pioneer, Prof Zanchetti, followed by great past presidents who have brought us here. Special thanks to these exceptional individuals, scientists and friends.

Very briefly, I would like to state that the main goals of my presidency will be to maintain the high quality of educational and scientific activities of the Society and try to further increase its impact through cooperation and innovation. Cooperation between individuals, Societies and Working Groups within Europe and beyond is needed since hypertension control is and will remain a global challenge. The society counts on your support and experience to foster the future of hypertension, in research and clinical practice. Only by integrating experience, addressing common scientific needs, hard work and breakthrough initiatives the ESH can further promote hypertension excellence, improve BP control and reduce the global burden of cardiovascular disease.

Therefore, Join the Society, Participate and Innovate!

Costas Tsioufis

ESH President