Costas Tsioufis

Participation and Innovation in the 27th Meeting on Hypertension and Cardiovascular Protection in Milan: The ESH thanks all participants!


The 27th Meeting on Hypertension and Cardiovascular Protection in Milan was indeed an exceptionally successful meeting in terms of attendance (more than 2400 participants), quality of the scientific program (more than 1300 original contributions presented) and the organization of the sessions. The 4-day meeting was filled with exciting Oral PresentationsPoster PresentationsAward Lectures and Plenary Sessions that offered the unique opportunity to share ideas and participate in the interactive discussions and great debates on various aspects of hypertensive disease and cardiovascular protection.

The 27th Meeting on Hypertension and Cardiovascular Protection continues to demonstrate professional excellence as can be seen by the many physicians and researchers from around the world participating, and the 267 invited faculty members from 48 different countries highlighting “ESH goes global”.

Focusing on the most important highlights of the Meeting, one should first comment on the session on mobile health in Europe, “it is time for action!” in which available data on e-health, innovations and initiatives on the subject were presented. The dedicated Symposium on New Perspectives from Information and Communication Technology: the ESH Care Smartphones App  to improve adherence and blood pressure control, enlightened us on the related advances in science and technology and the important task organized by the ESH for a more digital approach to hypertension management. As Editor, I strongly believe that all specialized centers of excellence should gradually gain experience with the App and advise patients to use it more in their daily treatment regimen.

The most modern and integrated approaches on the common problem of atrial fibrillation were discussed in the Joint Session of the ESH and ESC on atrial fibrillation in hypertension: Cause and consequence. Along these lines, the preliminary results of the ESH stroke survey and the ESH AF Research Project were shown with frequent presence of comorbidities and the high mean CHA2DS2-VASc score (=3.8) underlining the high cardiovascular risk of these patients, while adequate blood pressure control was observed in 40% of them. Moreover, blood pressure control required large use of combination therapy, which was prescribed to more than 80% of patients and more than 50% were treated with 3 or more antihypertensive drugs.

The importance of lifestyle interventions was re-introduced during the Meeting with the key role of salt reduction being emphasized in the dedicated session showing that a modest drop in consumption of sodium by 1.7 g/day corresponds to a one- to-two drug related blood pressure fall. However, one of the “burning” issues of today’s hypertension management is adherence to therapy. In the Topical Workshop on drug adherence and treatment resistance, all the novel methodologies and concepts for this contributor of uncontrolled hypertension were presented. To this end, e-health solutions could be of clinical value, incorporating diverse approaches to blood pressure control.

The differences and particularities of women in terms of hypertension pathophysiology and therapy, as well as their overall cardiovascular risk factors contribution to outcome were delineated in the Meeting. Finally, the ESH view on the polypill for cardiovascular prevention was another highlight based on the recent position paper of the Society.

Last but not least, all of this would not be possible without all of you who actively participated in the Meeting. This goal of this year’s Meeting was to enhance knowledge, integrate experience and address scientific needs. By being part of the meeting you transformed it into an interactive stage of hypertension excellence!

It is thanks to you that our motto: “Be there, participate and innovate” was proven true.

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