May 17 World Hypertension Day 2017

Nowadays it is estimated that worldwide one billion people are hypertensives and 50% are unaware of the high cardiovascular risk. In Europe only 1 out of 2 who are treated for hypertension has their blood pressure controlled. This calls for action and the World Hypertension Day 2017 is the day for new initiatives to inform the public and to reshape our hypertension management.

The ESH calls all member National Societies to be actively involved in promoting awareness and improving blood pressure control. Each country’s Hypertension Excellence centers can organize and execute such programs in collaboration with the ESH.

World Hypertension Day 2017 could be the start for a unique and joint effort to reduce the cardiovascular risk related with hypertension. Let’s be proactive and active in controlling BP in Europe and with the other affiliated hypertension societies pave the way towards a global decrease of hypertension.

This common goal could be achieved by the following 3 important action “steps”:

  • Know about Hypertension
  • Control High Blood Pressure
  • Reduce Cardiovascular and Renal Disease   

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